Believing she was destined to serve others and help people live emotionally and spiritually whole lives, Unitha L. Muhammad has been busy living out this calling.  Since her childhood she has volunteered and worked for a variety of community agencies and non-profits. She has also spent over twenty years as an entrepreneur, conference speaker, spiritual leader, counselor (Pastoral, HIV/AIDS, Grief, Relationship), spiritual teacher, strategic planner, and facilitator of small groups. She is the founder of Women of Destiny, Core Work with U.L. Muhammad, Core Work w/ U. L. Muhammad Radio Show, and Co- founder of OUM Consulting, LLC. She has studied extensively in the areas of spirituality, sexuality, inner, emotional and relational healing. She enjoys building websites, coaching people, blogging, writing and leading couples groups with her husband, Professor Omar A. Muhammad.
Unitha has worked for and or/with various spiritual communities (Christian, Jewish, New Thought, Muslim). Unitha produces and hosts a weekly radio show, Core Work w/ U. L. Muhammad on Blogtalkradio. Currently she is writing an inspirational book, speaking, counseling couples, consulting non-profits on strategic planning, blogging, leading healing sessions and working on her various entrepreneurial projects.
Unitha is the wife of Professor Omar A. Muhammad, Th.M and the mother of four children.
Unitha Muhammad Websites:

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